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What is Business Coach?

There are football coach, Fitness Coach..etc

Business Coach is someone who coach you through how to run a business. 

What is Online Coaching Business?

A business that earn money by coaching others online. Ex.. Earn money by coaching other people to cook through internet. Say youtube, or selling online courses...etc.

What is: Teach other to TEACH?

Everybody has their own hobby or strength.

You can monetise your knowledge by teaching others.

My name is Grace, my mission is to teach you:

Monetise your Instagram and & social media through providing your knowledge,your value.

Why Grace? 

1. Rather than self-promotion, I suggest you can consume my free lessons through IG, Youtube and download my freebies. You can tell if I am a fluffy talker or not.


2. Feel free to check out my testimonial on IG


3. To ensure the teaching quality, I will be sharing my all-along experience selflessly and

taking course, hire mentor from all around the world to upgrade my knowledge and business. Making sure my teaching material  are up to date and have PROVEN RESULTS


​​You probably wonder:

「 I am not professional, why would people want to learn from me?

Why would they trust and pay me?

Ans1:Your Value 

Everybody has their own talent / strength. For example You are pretty good at fashion sense and you thought thats basic, everybody would be the same.

The fact is: No everyone is sensitive in fashion, say may be an accountant is good at numbers, but not at fashion.

Now here is your value: You can teach people how to mix and match,

Impress their first date by choosing the right clothes...etc


Ans 2:Why should my customer trust and buy from me?

School teaches you only certificates can prove your ability to the world.

But it is not like that in the online business space.

You prove yourself by working with more people, get more testimonial.

If people find the value you provided on IG / Youtube is useful,

the give you a like, subscribe you and rate you, they trust you and eventually buy from you.

It's all about providing value.


「Suitable for me?」

No matter you are students, mom, or a 9-5...etc

As long as you have some knowledge / something to teach, 

you can monetise it by using social media to help.


ABOUT 1:1 Coaching Programme:

How does the programme works?

After summited your application, I will review your application and arrange a 30-mins

welcome call with you, to ensure the programme is right fit for you.

As our time is precious, I will not waste your time if this programme is not the best fit for you.

After payment and contract signed. You can schedule your first lesson and start game change your business~yay~

Sounds complicated?

Don't worry! I will guide you step by step what to do.

All you need is to make sure the you are determine to level-up your business and

this programme fits you.

How many clients I will take at a time?

To ensure the teaching quality, I will only take 5 clients at a time.

I am super busy  to attend a call weekly/regularly, is it ok?

Understood we all have different learning pace and life errands. You can schedule any time that fits your schedule everytime.

If you have questions in between lessons,

my ultimate text and voice messages will here to support.

How long can I keep the materials?

Everything teaching materials are downloadable, you can keep it on the drive or download it for your review whenever you want for life time.

Can I share the materials with friends?


  1. Using your own way to teach others what you have learn is the most beneficial to yourself

  2. Since this is a 1:1 Private Coaching. Every piece of material are tailor made for you and your business, which may not fit others.

Results Guarantee?

I can promise you there will be progress,

provided you did work hard and take action.

I can't guarantee the results just like you can't guarantee how hard you are willing to give to your business.

Any discount?

There will be early bird offer。

All price will base on website official price.

No special / individual discount.


Are you ready to level-up your business? 

Say good bye to DIY and

Invest yourself to get paid clients in 90-Days?