Business Strategist, E-Commerce store owner, and YouTube.

(((And in case you ask, I'm also a travel lover, cat lover, and beauty enthusiast.)))


My creativity is a gift which allows me to create value that empower others to go after their goals and dreams.

Below is one of the  compliment voice message from a Hong Kong reader and she also shared her story:-

Recently she is going through a hard time, being laid off by the company.

I am DEEPLY happy that she finds inspiration from my content which courage her to take a leap and start doing what she likes.

At the same time, I am so fulfilling by knowing , my VALUE is making an impact and help others!


That's why I'm so passionate about helping those who feel SICK of their current lives to jumpstart their online coaching business, make money doing work that they love, and find passion in life again.

WHY? because I was so SICK of my life too.

I worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years for many well known global luxury brands. At first, I thought this job will bring me a bright future, a fun working environment, and excitement for life.

In fact I was….

  • The chef designer for hi-end fashion jewellery company in charge of seasonal campaigns for years

  • Helping company to revamp whole range of packaging line, which increased sales for 5% in 1 year

  • My design chosen to be the official packaging for the Asia pacific for continuously 4 years

Sounds awesome?

But the truth is, my salary wasn't raised for years, and I ended up losing motivation for design, my job, and my life.


I fed up with :

  • the 9-5 cubicle life (It took me more than an hour each day to get to work,

  • and I'm always late)

  • Feeling stuck at the office like a jail

  • Working so hard, but my efforts weren't being reflected in my salary

  • Pouring my heart and soul into my work, but my creative talent was not being recognized

  • The company could lay you off anytime like a used tissue paper

But, I was also scared about...

  • No stable income to sustain my current living

  • Not making enough money to support my dream lifestyle

  • Having your own business is not easy, am I capable to do it?

  • How would my friends and colleagues think?

  • What if I FAIL....

But, even though I was scared,

I know I can't continue living like this until I am 65.

So, I decided to take a leap and am now living a completely living a different life -

one that I had only dreamed about before!

  • I decide when to go on holiday, as long as I want

  • I am the one who decide my salary

  • Wake up everyday with motivation

  • Flexible working schedule

  • More time to spend with my love ones

  • I can work next to a beach or anywhere I want, as long as internet is on  (say bye to office jail)

  • I can rest when I don't feel like to work, without feeling guilty for my colleagues.

  • I don't feel like working because I am doing what I LOVE


BUT.... I wasn't a success overnight.


I spent over two years trying out different types of businesses and experienced a lot of challenges and failures along the way:

  • I lost over $100,000 in my business

  • I was exhausted and no life because I hustled everyday, every weekend

  • Made a lot of wrong decisions 

  • Sales didn't grown not matter how hard I tried

  • I look like a stupid doing everything -- in a TOTAL WRONG way.


I felt demotivated and lost, but I didn't want to give up.


When I stepped back and analyzed what I was doing wrong, here's what I found:

  • I was focusing on the WRONG areas of my business

  • I felt lonely and lack of support because none of my friends were entrepreneurs

  • I lacked guidance from someone who has actually done it before


So here's what I did after realizing this:

I started learning directly from established 6-figure business coaches and even hired a private business coach to teach me step-by-step how to strategize my decisions for my business.


Now, my sales have completely SKYROCKETED.

I have complete clarity of what I love to do,

and I know how to do it. 

I even have clients waiting to invest in my programs before I launched them!


“ I've found my passion and turned it into a profitable business! “

This cliche advertising slogan used to mean nothing to me, because I thought it wasn't possible for me to make money doing what I love.

But now, I know that it is possible to do work you love, while making an income and impact.


Now, it's my mission to help you do the same,



It's not about me or anyone else,

but it's about you living the life YOU WANT.


Do you want to live a meaningless life everyday until you're 65?

Or, would you rather hustle at first, and spend the rest of your life being your own boss?


There's is never a PERFECT time to start taking control of your life. NOW is the perfect time.

So, if you're ready to start your business and create your dream life,

<<< let's see how I can help you.>>>