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It's time to start your online business and become the CEO of your own life.


You know you want to start an online business and start living the laptop lifestyle, but you're worried because....

  • You don't have many followers on IG

  • You don't get much engagement on IG

  • You're trying your best, but you're not getting any clients or sales

  • You've even tried spending money on FB/IG ads, but you're not seeing much results

  • You're creating valuable content, but no one is seeing it and you feel like you're talking to a wall

  • It's frustrating and you're doubting whether it's possible for you to have a successful online business


And now, you're starting to wonder whether this business is even worth it anymore... You might be thinking about giving up, but you're also worried about what others will think of you and your business.


Trust me, I get it.


Because I was once exactly where you are.

Hi my name is Grace- a business strategist, online shop owner & youtuber.

When I first started my entrepreneurship journey, I thought my business will change my life. In fact, I was doing everything possible to grow my brand awareness. From posting daily on IG to buying new cameras for my photos to buying FB/IG ads, I've tried almost everything to grow my business.

  • Posting every day on my IG

  • Bought a new camera for my IG photos

  • Placing IG and FB advertisement ….etc


I hustle hard,

  • but I hustled hard, but my IG wasn't growing,

  • I wasn't getting clients, 

  • Spending money on ads that just wasn't giving me a good return on investment

That's when I started to analyze what went wrong - Why was I spending so much effort and time on my business, but the business didn't grow?


Here's what I've realized:

  • Yes, you need to have the courage to start. That's a big first step. But, if you're spending all your time, energy, and effort on the WRONG things in your business, it will take forever to see results and success in your business.

  • For me, this was important because I want to enjoy my life ASAP, in my golden age. I don't want to start living out my dream life when I'm a granny.


That's when I decided that I had enough of trial-and-error, and wasting my time, money, and energy.

And that's when I chose to take ACTION

  • I took courses to improve my business knowledge

  • I worked privately with business coaches to guide me through the process, step by step.

  • I started focusing my time, energy, and effort on the action steps that will bring me the most results instead of wasting time on tasks that don't drive sales

  • I continued to show up daily on social media to build my brand


And, in just 60 days, I started seeing big changes

  • My IG grew from 500 to almost 1500 (all organic! no paid ads, no paid followers, no bots)

  • I kept generating new leads to my online shop, which brought in extra income

  • Many people are enjoying my content so much that they're interested in purchasing my course, before my official launch!

My business started to take off because I chose to take action and focus on the right things for my business.

So, are YOU ready to make money online and live your dream life?

If yes, it's time to START TODAY!


Before we start.....

I want to emphasize the importance of having the right entrepreneurial mindset. Now is NOT the time to settle or to play small. Instead, it's time to learn directly from someone who has actually done what you want to do, so you won't waste any time or money on things that won't bring your sales or clients.

Of course, you might be doubting yourself......

  • Can I really monetize my interests and passions into a profitable business?

  • Am I really BOSS material?

  • What if I don't have much budget right now? Would this affect my business potential?

  • I'm worried people will judge me or look down on me... Especially if my business fails. 

  • Am I really capable of starting a profitable online business?

I know you might be thinking these thoughts because I used to think those exact same thoughts. But, after learning so much from my business mistakes and am now seeing massive growth in my own businsess, I'm here to help you!

I'm excited to help you with...

  • Figuring out what business is right for you and how to monetize your interests, passions, and creativity

  • Develop a personalised business strategy that matches your personality and business goals

  •  Grow your IG, master online sales and marketing, and start attracting paying clients

Now, you might be thinking:

Why work with you, Grace?

Let me explain:

This is how I will help...

Mindsent and Courage

School never taught us to think like successful entrepreneurs. Instead, we learned to follow the rules and be good students and employees, which is fine if you're happy being just like everyone else. But, if you've dreamed of being different, it's time to think different and think big.

Together, we'll define who you really are and what you really want, so that you can be 100% confident in your business decisions and make the best decisions for your business from the very start.

Business Strategy & Tactics

I used to be living proof of working so hard but not seeing any results.

Because the truth is, while it is fundamentally important to have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, it's just as important to have the right strategies and tactics in place. Otherwise, you'll be working super hard on the wrong areas of your business.

That's why I'm here to guide you step-by-step as we build, launch, and grow your online business, so you can start seeing results as soon as possible!

My teaching style? Fun and transparent

Trust me, when we work together, it'll feel like two friends hanging out. Life is already stressful, so our work together doesn't need to be boring or stressful.

I'll share with you everything I've learned to make my own business successful (and you can share your food with me if you want)

Being transparent, open, and selfless with my lessons, tips, and strategies is a strong part of my character. I also love to keep learning more about business and investing in new courses and business-related programs. That's why I'm super excited to teach you everything I know because 


Your success is my success!

It's time to start your online business TODAY so you can start working with paying client, start being in control of your time, income, and life, and start living the lifestyle you've always wanted!

Here are what you will get from my 90 Days 1:1 Private Coaching programme:


  • A personalized business strategy plan that fits your business goals, personality, and talents

  • 8x 60 min strategy sessions (coaching calls)

  • Personalized trainings and worksheets to help you grow your IG, market your business to the right people, and start making sales online

  • Unlimited text and voice messaging support in-between sessions so we can keep your progress going, because time is money.

  • Unlimited audits on anything related to your business (ex: IG strategy, SEO, client communication, scripts, APPs, tools, design, etc 

  • You don’t have to worry about paying all the online course and still making the wrong decisions

  •  Remember, I'm here to be your #1 go-to person whenever you need help with your online business.

  • Once you’ve complete the course 3 Bonus secessions are FREE for you! 





Bonus 3: LEAD MAGNET MASTERY (with FREE tools) 


Now your Investment 





or 3monthly payment of USD$1063

What they say about my course: 

Who this Program is for:

  • Action taker 

  • An early stage entrepreneur who wants to start an online coaching business and wants to dominate social media 

  • 200% committed  to your own success business

  • Scared, but still doing it anyway!


  • Someone who's willing to overcome and the self doubt and worries about starting a business, and is willing to take strategic action so you can start seeing results ASAP


Who this Program is NOT for:

  • Someone who cannot commit at least 4 hours each week to your business

  • Someone who just wants to try starting an online business, but is not committed to long term success

  • Those who only complain and aren't willing to take action

I'm excited to work with you because I can see how my life became different after I decided to commit to taking the right, strategic actions for my business:

  • I was able to monetize my interests into a profitable business

  • My passive income increased

  • Before: Even after using IG for 5 years, I've never gotten more than 300 followers. Now: In just a few months, I grew to 1500 followers, without fake likes, paid followers, or bots - All organic!

The best part?

I wake up motivated every day because I don't have to go to my day job, and am doing what I love! I stopped complaining about my job because this is exactly what I love to do!

Starting your business is scary, investing yourself is even scarier because you don't know what is gonna happen and the results. But, If you never take courage to find out, you will never know you are actually deserve more than you think.

Are you ready to

take that SCARY JUMP 




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  • How does the 1:1 coaching programme works?

  • How many students I will take at a time?

  • What is the life time o the teaching material?

  • I am busy everyday, what if I can't turn up to  course every week?

  • Can you promise the result?

  • Any discounts?

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